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Healthysure is a full-stack group benefits platform offering insurance and healthcare programs to organizations and distribution infrastructure to int...

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House of Biryan

Experience the culinary magic of House of Biryan, where passion, tradition, and creativity converge.Our biryanis are crafted with the finest ingredien...

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What is Funding Possibilities

Funding Possibilities is a Fintech Platform Connecting


INDIA – Mena –UK Corridor

Connecting and presenting opportunities for Indian, UK and Emirati students/ Entrepreneurs Providing launchpads and gateways for start ups from various regions to enter new markets

Cohort of Start-Up and Founders

Creating a cohort of start-ups & founders which would then be mentioned by industry leaders. Out of these cohorts, the handpicked ones would be selected and taken to the IC for funding.

Founder's Connect

Founder's of the previously funded start ups would be brought in for sharing insights. The Founders would be allowed to also invest and back the cohorts which they have faith in

Access to the Financial Services Industries

Connects with bankers / CA's / CS's/ Accounting firms/ legal and consultants. Marketing/ branding, sales, workshops,data scientist,stratergic partnerships.


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